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Eyecloud Video Meeting Room

EyeCloud is our video meeting room solution. Access your cloud based room with unlimited minutes to connect to whenever you want.

When you want to connect more than two video conference units together, or need the ability to bring in a desktop system or mobile device without investing thousands in your video hardware or network infrastructure, then a video conferencing cloud solution maybe what you need.

We can offer you an ‘always on’ hosted meeting room where you can connect multiple devices and pay a fixed monthly fee.

EyeCloud virtual room pricing depends on the maximum amount of systems or devices you wish to connect in the same meeting. You will be charged a fixed fee per month per participant/location with no restriction on the amount of minutes used.

An EyeCloud room is also ideal if your video conference system only runs on IP and you wish to connect regularly with an ISDN site as it provides a gateway between networks. If you only have an ad-hoc need or you want a managed service then our regular video bridging service may be more appropriate for your needs

Hosted video conference bridging

Our self-service option puts you in the driving seat.  You decided when you connect, who you invite and how long you meet for, without the need to contact us.

Our fully-managed service gives you the safety net of our experienced staff arranging test calls, trouble-shooting and monitoring your meetings.  In addition, our FMS enables the addition of browser based clients such as Bluejeans and Vidyo to be brought into a meeting.

All parties dial into the video room.

Service highs

24/7/365 access

Support centre staff

Any device to any device

Capital investment free

Travel free



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