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Eyenetwork Video Conference – Affiliate Program

What is Eyenetwork?

Video Conferencing and telepresence room rooms at Petach Tikva, Israel

Petach Tikva, Israel

We are a central booking agency for video conferencing facilities. Enabling ease of use for the customer - one telephone call to our call centre locates and reserves bureaux world-wide. Eyenetwork affiliates will benefit from our extensive marketing of the network resulting in increasing booking income for their video conferencing studio. You also receive a discounted scheduling fee when you use Eyenetwork to provide far end locations. In addition all affiliates receive a free online booking diary. This diary allows our clients and the Eyenetwork team to view your room availability at any time in any time zone. Using this diary guarantees that you will get more business from us.

What does Eyenetwork provide?

Our professional booking co-ordinators respond to customer enquiries, guiding the customer through the process of planning a video conference. We book the relevant sites, and send appropriate information to the sites and customer. Following the conference, Eyenetwork handles all the customer billing. In order to offer your room at a competitive rate Eyenetwork asks for a discount on your normal room charges.

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