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Website showing time zones around the world. Useful for scheduling times for video conference bookings in varying locations.

This website allows you to calculate not only times, but days and dates in the future.

Weekly Newsletter on videooconferencing - "For weekly information on users of video conferencing (400 application stories archived) and new equipment read Video conferencing Insight Newsletter at "

A website to communicate best practice with regards to reducing CO2 emissions and other key issues influencing human survival.

An independent video conference company who provide quality training, consultancy and total video management services.

News bulletin, analysing the technologies, products, vendors, applications, and market trends in the visual collaboration and rich media communications marketplace.

Apex Conference & Event Management ; A long established conference organiser, working in the public and private sector.

Eyenetwork main site, which focuses on the many other video conferencing services we provide, including managed bridged calls, desktop conferencing and consultancy.





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