Eyenetwork Audio Conferencing Services

There are numerous benefits to businesses of all sizes from using audio conferencing.

With our range of advanced teleconferencing services, Eyenetwork gives you effeciency benefits, at highly competitve rates. Whether you need to hold a conference call once a month or two or three times a day - all our teleconferencing services guarantee superb call quality, local rate or free phone dial in access at great value prices.

You have the ability to conduct scheduled or on-demand teleconferencing - anything from an ad hoc project meeting for three or four people to a large scale global investor relations briefing.

All our audio conferencing or teleconferencing accounts are simple to set up and easy to use. For your UK audio conferencing calls you have a choice of permanent, easy to remember dial in numbers; a local rate 0845 number or 0800 free phone number.

For international teleconferencing calls we give you a list of with over 50 set of global access numbers. You can also give your international callers a local free phone number in their own country.

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Eyenetwork Connect (Audio Conferencing)

Eyenetwork Connect gives you on-demand audio conferencing, allowing you to initiate a conference call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - without the need to make a reservation or rely on an Operator.

To hold a teleconference you simply dial a permanent number and enter your conference code. This type of audio conferencing is the perfect solution for your regular conferences with the same group of participants or, for any of your last minute calls.

  • 100 international Free Phone and Local access numbers
  • 24/7 operator assistance
  • Fast IP network - for voice over IP calls
  • User-directed audio control
  • No reservation needed
  • Superior call reliability
  • Universal touch-tone commands
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Eyenetwork Connect plus
(Audio Conferencing & Web Conferencing)

Audio meetings should be as easy as picking up the phone. Eyenetwork Connect Plus comes with a dedicated dial-in number and passcode for unlimited reservationless audio conferencing. With web access features and cost-effective pay-as-you-go usage plan. It is also the most user-friendly audio conferencing service on the market.

Standard Features

  • Up to 125 participants
  • Reservationless calling
  • Unique host and participant passcodes
  • Global call capabilities
  • 24/7 operator assistance

Audio Control Features

  • Keypad shortcuts (star controls)
  • Dial-out access
  • Recording and replay on CD and audio file
  • Optional security codes
  • Up to 9 sub-conferences

Web Access Features

  • Online account management
  • Upload and display presentations
  • Audio host controls: individual muting, volume and disconnect
  • Active Talker icon identifies current speakers
  • Chat and Raise Hand controls

Operator Assisted Conferencing

Eyenetwork's operator assisted audio conferencing service combines a personal touch with our feature-rich audio conferencing service to make all your conferences memorable experiences. Let Eyenetwork manage the details of your conference so you can concentrate on delivering your message.

We will call the participants for you and our operator is there to be of assistance throughout the meeting. We can record the meeting for your future reference and even have the call transcribed.

Eyenetwork Event Connect (Webcasting)

Eyenetwork Event Connect offers automated access for large meetings with a single dial-in number and passcode. This cuts out wait times and you can start meetings faster with our conference call services

Standard Features includes:

  • Web registration
  • Pre- and post-conference support for speakers
  • Automated audio dial-out for participants with web URL
  • Electronic question and answer session
  • Polling to capture feedback on material presented
  • Attendance report


Optional Features

As above plus

  • Personalized participant greeting and screening
  • Full service invitation delivery using email, fax, voicemail and SMS
  • Web registration services with branding and customization capabilities
  • Real-time participant view and Q&A prioritization using web interface
  • Web presentation services
  • Audio replay of meeting
  • CD or audio file recording
  • Transcription


Exceptional Support - Throughout your meeting

  • Event managers schedule and coordinate meeting details
  • Professional announcers fully monitor and manage entire meeting
  • Technical experts stand by to troubleshoot unexpected issues.


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