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Making Video Conferencing Work

Eyenetwork's consulting division was set up in January 2011 in response to the pressing need to help companies get a proper return on their video conferencing equipment investment. Perhaps you've bought the equipment but the person who was trained on it has left and now it gathers dust in the corner. Or perhaps you are just about to implement a video conference solution across your offices and want help in motivating your employees to use it.

Whether it is:

  • How to make Video Conferencing work well for you
  • Let us help you get the most appropriate solution for your needs
  • Integrating or upgrading your existing systems
  • Working with your whole organisation so that video conferencing is the first choice before expensive travel

We have the expertise you can trust.

What does Eyenetwork Video Consulting do?

We spend a little time with you understanding your requirements and how you would like to use Video Conferencing, but also any problems or obstacles you’ve experienced previously.

Often this can be:

  • Under-utilised video conferencing equipment.
  • Internal resistance around video conferencing usage
  • Problematic technical challenges
  • Not knowing how to set it up and make it work best for you.
  • A combination of the above that creates an overall bad experience

Once the needs and problems are understood, we offer you options that are most likely to suit your needs, either utilising or improving existing equipment and services, or offering competitive and appropriate alternatives from trusted suppliers. Whatever the need, whether it be:

  • Changing your company culture so video conferencing is the default choice
  • Understanding how it can be used effectively for pleasing results
  • User or IT Department Training
  • Hardware, Service or Infrastructure Provision
  • Individual call and bridging management
  • Finding one off video conferencing facilities globally
  • 24 hour support

We will manage and guide the whole process providing you with a ‘one stop shop’, by understanding your needs and any potential obstacles you might experience. Then we work proactively to ensure that your ongoing experience is an excellent one.


The benefits of video conferencing usage are huge and common experiences are:

  • At least a 30% reduction in travel and travel related costs
  • Increased Client and Business partner credibility in green/environmental credentials
  • Much greater efficiency in the workplace (a 1 hour video call might replace a 1 day site visit)
  • Potentially instantaneous global collaboration with remote colleagues around projects.
  • Improved client relationships and relationship management.
  • Bringing the problem to the expert instead of the expert to the problem.
  • Happier staff with better work life balances and greater staff retention as a result.

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