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Video Conferencing Help

The most important rule of video conferencing, always do a test call at least 24hrs before the actual meeting. It gives you time to troubleshoot any compatibility problems between the video conference systems. If the sites are unable to link directly then Eyenetwork can arrange an emergency bridge.

Eyenetwork emergency video bridge service

Call us if your meeting is failing. Our knowledgeable bridge operators will be able to troubleshoot and connect your meeting within minutes. +44 1273 324422 or +1 800 330 5791

Pre-booking Eyenetwork bridge

We offer a managed bridging service. If you are booking a public video conference room, let us look after the whole meeting for you for a small flat fee of 50. We will contact all participants before the meeting and do a test call, so that you do not need worry about this element of your booking.

How to set up the video conference equipment

If your equipment is not fixed in position, have a look at our helpful video about the best set up.

How to have a successful video conference meeting

Advice for candidates

Should there be any problem such as the picture freezing, let the far end know. Explain what you can see, or not see and that you will be leaving the room for a moment to ask the on-site operator to help. Have a look at our video about attending a video conference interview.

How to have a video conference interview



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