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What are Video Conferencing & Telepresence?

Using ISDN technology, or more often nowadays, IP networks, your image is digitally reproduced: it works like 2 way TV with real time audio and video. Sometimes a video conference connection is also known as a 'video link' or 'video meeting'. The main video conference equipment manufactures are Polycom, Cisco-Tandberg, and Lifesize. These manufacturers are all working to the same protocols so the systems are able to link across brand.

It is possible to link more than 2 sites together, this is known as a multipoint video conference. Some video conference systems are able to link up to 4 sites together, but it is more usual to use a bridging service to connect the locations as bridges are able to connect to an unlimited number of video conferencing sites.

Telepresence is a form of video conferencing which uses large screen, high definition technology to simulate being in the same room. Our bridging service can link Telepresence systems with video conference units.

With most video conferencing systems you can display papers using the electronic document camera, show information direct from your laptop, you can also play a pre-recorded video or DVD, or even record your own presentation.

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