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Why Use Video Conferencing or Telepresence?

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  • Save time and money on business travel costs: flights, hotels, taxis, plus time spent travelling when you are not available to work.
  • Develop global opportunities, your customer or supplier market can be anywhere in the world
  • Improve client services, video conferencing allows you to have more 'face to face' meetings at a fraction of the cost.

Video conferencing is now already well established within a growing number of major organisations. Millions of high quality video conference systems, are in use across the world today and using our network of public video conferencing facilities you can link to them all.

Video conferencing can be used for:

  • Recruitment interviews
  • Giving evidence to Magistrates or Crown Court
  • In house business presentations
  • Product training for employees and clients
  • Sales representations and product launches
  • Design and creative assessment, project liaison
  • Business to business consultancy services
  • Casting for television production

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