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Video Conferencing Services

Video conferencing has been described as an orphan in company departmental structure.  Who looks after it?  Is it the facilities department, IT, or telecoms?   As such the decision to invest in the technology can be a tortuous one, whilst the cost benefits of the technology are weighed up against the budgetery needs of each department.  Meanwhile, there is a simple way of trying out the technology without making a large capital commitment.  The most obvious video conferencing solution is to use public video conference facilities. 

You can hire facilities on-demand for one hour or a whole day, all around the world.  Many of our customers use our rooms before going on to buy equipment, using  it as an opportunity to evaluate the technology.   Many of the facilities in the network are equipped with the latest video conference technology, and have capabilities for connections via ISDN or IP.  Add on equipment allows for a pc interface, whiteboarding, and recording the meeting.

However, additionally many of our customers already have bought video conference equipment, and they use our network of public rooms to link with customers and suppliers who do not have any equipment.  This is a very cost effective video conference solution whereby one combines external video conference facilities with in- house capabilities.


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