Video Conferencing in Geneva

Eyenetwork provides video conferencing in Geneva available for hire by the hour.

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Book one of our video conference facilities in Geneva to connect with suppliers and clients around the world.

Eyenetwork has many video conference facilities in Geneva which have with the latest video conferencing equipment and professional staff who will look after  the video meeting and ensure a successful connection

Our video conferencing facilities in Geneva are located in

  • Rue de Lausanne
  • Rue de Chandieu
  • Rue Du Rhone
  • Route des Jeunes
  • Avenue Louis Casaï

Eyenetwork can provide a full range of videoconferencing services in addition to video conference room hire, including video bridging, web streaming and video collaboration software.

24 video conferencing facilities in Switzerland
6 video conferencing facilities in Geneva

Our video conferencing reservation service enables you to rent a video conference in Geneva and connect with any other video conference facility in the world.

Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland behind Zurich. The main industries are banking, technology, and tourism. It is the head quarters for many UN organisations and other non-governmental organisations.


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