Video Conferencing in Sydney

Eyenetwork provides video conferencing in Sydney. It is available for hire by the hour and thereafter in 15 minute increments. 

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Our locations have the latest state of the art video conferencing systems and trained staff who will facilitate the meeting and ensure a successful connection.

Eyenetwork video conferencing services.  You can hire public video conference facilities in the following places in Sydney:

  • Pitt Street
  • Market Street
  • Phillip Street
  • Macquarie Street
  • Sussex Street
  • Huntingwood Drive
  • Pacific Highway
  • Victoria Road

8 video conferencing facilities in Sydney
70 video conferencing facilities in Australia

If you are looking to recruit from the Sydney area, our video conferencing booking service enables you to book a video conference facility in Sydney and connect with your client's video conference system.

Sydney gets about 240 days of sunshine a year and regularly ranks in the top 10 of desirable places to live.

It has great beaches and one of the highest standards of living in the world.

Sydney is Australia's oldest and largest city and located on Australia's east coast.



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